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Blake Robinson

Hi! My name is Blake Robinson (aka Blakus) and I’m an Australian Composer for media. I’ve had the privilege of working on advertising campaigns for some of the biggest movies and games in the last few years, including: Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Mass Effect, and more.

Performing as a cellist in orchestras from an early age, I developed a passion for orchestration and now strive to produce high quality, orchestrally driven music in a range of styles. Combined with my love of audio mixing, I take pride in the high production standards my music maintains. 

I have worked with a number of Hollywood production labels, in particular – Really Slow Motion, with whom I exclusively worked for a number of years. Currently, most of my time is spent working closely with directors and editors to create custom music for various video game titles and film projects. I also continue to write production music when time allows. Feel free to get in touch using the contact form. I would love to hear your vision and work with you to bring it to life.